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Services and Prices

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Planet Ben Tech, LLC is servicing the Miami, FL residential area only. Remote services are those that can be provided off-site. You have to setup an appointment in order for us to receive your computer for repair. Currently, we don’t provide on-site repair. Exceptions can be made through an agreement. Please contact us for said agreement and to setup your appointment.

Single Services

Services Price  
PC Tune-up
(Clean Start-up, Services, Temporary Files, and hard-drive defragment)
Diagnostic $50  
Diagnostic & Repair**
(Repair includes Virus / Malware / Spyware Removal)
Software Installation* $60  
Level 1 Hardware Installation*
(Power Supply, PCI Card, AGP Card, and PCI-E Card)
Level 2 Hardware Installation*
(Motherboard + CPU Install, water cooling system, computer case Install )
Windows OS Installation* $90  
Data Backup*** $120  
Remote Support   Price is determined by type of service.


Level 1 Hardware Installation*

List Comming Soon!

Level 2 Hardware Installation*

List Comming Soon!




*Does not include software or hardware. Software and hardware must be provided by customer. Level 2 hardware install could replace Level 1 hardware install with an extra $10 service charge.
**In certain situations viruses, malware and adware could damage the operating system to an extent that may be unrepairable. At that time, a clean install of the operating system is required.
***Data backup is not data recovery. Customer's media device (CD/SD/USB Flash/External HDD/Etc.) must be working in order to backup data. If data backup is not possible, 50% of the service charge will be refuned. The remaining 50% is retained for the service attempt.
ǂExcludes diagnostic and repair.