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A-PDF Page Cut

Today I found a software called "A-PDF Page Cut". This software will help any student cut those annoying scanned pages in half. Most professor at diffrent universities scanned portion of books to give to us students as pdf files. The only thing they don't know is that some of us would prefer to have the pages of the book printed indiviually instead in of having two pages in one paper. This is were "A-PDF Page Cut" comes in place. It will help you cut those two pages from a single pdf page into one. So do you a favor, and use the software. You can download it from the A-PDF website.

Start Up Ideas

How to get start up ideas This is very good advice in an overall situation. One question arises while I read this article is how do I apply this concept if I want to make a game? Looking for problems to solve on game development is something I thought about after reading this article. Is video game entertainment or boredom a problem to be solved by game developers? Please let me know. Feel free to post comments.

Software Engineering High School


New York gets a software engineering High school. If you tell me is not a bad idea. The idea that the high school is based on software engineering means it will bring more people in software development. It will also bring more females to software development industry as well. No more complaints that companies will have a shortage in programmers. Does this means that there is really a shortage in developers? Not really, some software developers are still out there. Some didn’t finished school and couldn’t afford to pay to get their degree in any related field. Some of these developers become individual developers and try to be successful on their own. The developer of minecraft, was successful and made a lot of sales without a degree at the earlier stage of minecraft.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer is a mod made by indie developers that support up to 1,800 players.  Is really amazing what a group of programmers is capable of. It doesn’t even have to start with a group of developers. The game Minecraft started with a single indie developer and it grew into a group of programmers.  This shows what a small group of people are capable of if they are working together. You don’t even have start with a game corporation. Hopefully this will promote more people to become programmers.


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